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Our Master Chef

His Ideas

“I roam the city to take in all the senses… the sights and sounds, but mostly the smells… which translate into taste.  We then improvise in the kitchen, combining the best possible ingredients with compositions of herbs and various spices to mimic what I have picked up from the outside, taking care to use Italian cuisine as the basis and measure of everything throughout the process.  These flavors are then cultivated, developed and honed with the key ingredient… imagination!  That’s what makes memorable food.  In every Lattanzi-owned restaurant, we take special care to make sure that everything is made from scratch. Pasta is 00 grade flour and free range eggs, our Bolognese sauce is whole market tomatoes, Italian extra virgin olive oil, aromatic white garlic, and the highest quality Texan ground beef… obviously all drawn from only our most specialized suppliers.  Our food vendors in markets around the city are plentiful and rich in depth and breadth of product, and my knowledge of what they have has only grown throughout the years.  They know me, too, and  If they get something new or interesting, Paolo Lattanzi is almost the first person they call. Maybe they call the mayor’s chef first, I don’t know. What I do know is that if you want to cook the best food in the city, you need the best ingredients and ideas in the city!

This is the attitude and heritage that led us to introduce what are now staple items in New York, such as Tiramisu and Napoleon; this kind of thinking also lead us to approach a Rabbi over 25 years ago with the idea of pioneering Italian-Kosher cooking.   In many ways--and I say this with complete humility—we changed Italian Food in New York.”