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Our Master Chef

His Recipes

“I specialize in what I call Italian Country Comfort Food—instead of individual parts of the meal, we put together several courses in one dish… an improvisation that usually turns out some of the most unique meals in the city.  For example, I use lots of garlic, which is typically a staple of Italian food- but I don’t use it typically; Instead of chopping it, which robs a dish of its inherent flavor by covering it with that of garlic, in our kitchens we use whole garlic and roast it with other ingredients to give every dish a delicate hint of tang and richness that is subtle and sublime.

So instead of Seafood Scampi with a garlic sauce which overpowers the delicate flavor of the fish, we make what I’ve called Scampi Angela: Fresh North Atlantic Scampi slow-cooked in Imported Italian Terra Cotta pots with fine white wine, farmhouse butter, wild capers and slow-roasted Italian garlic, which makes for a light garlic parfum to bake into the Scampi, becoming part of their inherent flavor and eliminating any excessively fishy overtones to the dish; they are then sautéed with  imported Italian Porcini mushrooms and served steaming hot.

I always try to add flavor to my creations in an organic manner, not covering existing flavors with new ones. We then finish our dishes with distinct mixtures of both robust and delicate traditionally Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, parsley, and basil, which combine to give all of our cuisine a hearty, earthy feel reminiscent of the Italian countryside.  I cook in a simple manner, using simply great ingredients, aspiring to a drawing-out and honing of flavor of what is already excellent food rather than a distortion of it. It is a completely different way of looking at Italian cuisine than what is traditionally generally accepted in the United States.