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Our Food

To warm the heart, to tempt the palate, to touch memories and create new ones; this is the aim of every dish at Lattanzi Restaurant in New York. To achieve this goal, we serve the outstanding cuisine of Rome, specifically that found in the ancient Roman quarter of Trastevere, as well as choice dishes hailing from the entire Italian peninsula. Always, we work to balance the traditional with culinary innovation – and all dishes are made from only the finest of ingredients to exacting recipes.

These old-world ingredients – maintained over the decades precisely because they maintain our standards – result in homemade breads such as our signature Mazza bread and Roman Breadsticks. We pride ourselves on offering our own extra-virgin olive oil from the hills of Canale Monterano in the province of Rome; in using fresh peeled tomatoes; in insisting on original ingredients such as Parmiggiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano and Tartufo D'alba, the famed Italian white Truffle.

Our master chef prepares this true Italian food in a kitchen that melds modern technology, classic touches such as rose marble counters for working pastry and pasta, and his own innovative techniques to ensure each dish is the epitome of perfection in taste and beauty of presentation. At any time of the day or evening, you’ll discover delicious new reasons to visit and dine at Lattanzi.

In addition to well-loved Italian favorites, sumptuously prepared from special recipes that blend Roman and Sicilian sensibilities, Lattanzi offers Cucina Ebraico Romanesca – the classic cuisine of Roman Jews. These traditionally simple recipes of a poor people confined to a ghetto until 1870 have ended up being handed down for generations. The Lattanzi family presents a light, delicate and truly unique selection of these Roman- Jewish dishes for those who wish to experience something out of the ordinary in Italian restaurant food.