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Our Master Chef

Paolo Lattanzi

In any successful organization, there is usually one visionary who sets the bar for excellence, innovation and commitment to craft.  At Lattanzi, this original mind is that of our master chef Paolo Lattanzi.  Born in the Italian capital of Rome, Paolo came to this country in 1966 with his mother at the age of sixteen, inspired by opportunity and emboldened by the confidence typical of that age, as well as his dedication to being the best, he was ready for New York City.

After working in the food industry in his native Rome, his education was expanded on these shores in various front and back-of-the-house positions, until finally deciding that his true calling was in the kitchen. Moving up quickly from kitchen worker to Assistant Chef to Head Chef in various restaurants all over the New York Metropolitan area, Paolo honed his craft with the help of two important mentors… one who taught him the technical nature of cooking, the other who imparted his vast knowledge of flavor.

Over time the entire family came to the United States, and 30 years ago the first Lattanzi-owned Italian restaurant, Trastevere, opened on 84th between 1st and 2nd Avenues. To say it was a hit almost immediately would be an understatement. 3 stars from the NY Times, raves from Mimi Sheraton of the New York Times, noted as one of the "100 Best Restaurants in the United States", recognized for "One of the Five Best Dishes in NYC"… the plaudits were endless. Nine tables, four pastas, four main courses and two desserts… this was the little restaurant that stood New York on its collective taste buds.

From there Trastevere 84 on Lexington and 84th Street and Erminia on 2nd and 83rd followed, also to rave reviews so strong they are still open and thriving today. Finally, in New York’s Theater District, there is Lattanzi: the culmination of a rich history of culinary distinction and an experience unlike any other in New York… headed by a uniquely qualified Master Chef who finally felt that it was time to put his family’s name as the stamp of excellence for Italian restaurant food in New York.