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Our Restaurant

Inviting candlelight draws you in… a soft aria graces your ear… and tantalizing aromas the likes of which can only be appreciated in the Eternal City’s Trastevere delight the senses. Here is a haven from the city beyond that transports you to the true essence of Rome and the Italian lifestyle. At Lattanzi, we pride ourselves on being New York’s outstanding home for classic Italian and Roman-Jewish cuisine, offering dishes only found in Rome’s ancient Jewish quarter.You’ll find hospitality that is elegant and welcoming, authentic Roman flavors rare in Italian restaurant food, and a chic urban sophistication for New York dining that plays off the timeless rustic settings of our six dining spaces, each designed to reflect an aspect of both the old and new Italian identities.

Our appeal bridges generations. Many who grew up from childhood dining at our tables – or who chose us as the perfect, romantic setting for their marriage proposals – now return with their own families to share timeless meals and continue the tradition.Over some twenty-seven years of serving New Yorkers in the same location, in the famed Restaurant Row on West 46th Street close to New York theaters, our cozy Italian restaurant has grown from occupying a single landmark brownstone to two. In so doing, our spaces have only been improved, and our family has grown to accommodate yours.